People come to counselling with a wide range of issues, some of which include:


    •    Anxiety

    •    Depression

    •    Stress

    •    Eating & body image

    •    Family & relationship problems

    •    Communication & assertiveness

    •    Life transitions

    •    Sexuality

    •    Personal growth

    •    Grief & loss
    •    Trauma

    •    Work & careers

    •    Conflict

    •    Insomnia

    •    Health concerns


The Psychologists Richmond Provides:


    •    After hours appointments

    •    An efficient referral service

    •    A collaborative approach

    •    A Medicare registered service

The Psychologists Richmond is a private psychology practice. Counselling and Clinical psychologists are specialists in assisting individuals, families and groups to productively manage a variety of life stresses and challenges to strengthen and maintain interpersonal and personal wellbeing,

and deal with crises.


The group offers knowledge and experience gained through many years of practice.

We see adults and young people presenting with a wide range of mental health problems, as well as those looking to enhance and enrich their lives.